Business Rates

The Check Challenge Appeal process has now become very complex and requires specialist advice in order to challenge your rate liability.

Our business rates service covers advice on:

  • Unoccupied Rates
  • Multi-let buildings
  • Completion of information requests received from the Valuation Officer
  • Submission and negotiation of Check Challenge Appeal
  • Check Challenge Appeals for building works and other disruptions
  • Representation at Valuation Tribunal or Upper Tribunal
  • Checking and validating rate bills
  • Unoccupied and partly occupied premises
  • Reliefs and exemptions
  • Summonses and liability orders
  • Rates Audit

Be wary of companies who guarantee to reduce your business rates. Seek independent advice from well established rating advisers who look at your overall situation. Companies which promise to reduce your rateable value and rates bills without any detailed knowledge of your property should be avoided as bad advice can result in an increase in your rates liability.

We will provide you with a professional and honest opinion from the outset as to whether a Check Challenge Appeal is worthwhile.